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Real World Experience

  • Healthcare – Including standards and data security for HIPPA, SOX, PCI and more (Encryption, Data Masking, Temporal Tables, Audit Capturing, etc)
  • Telecom – Including optimization of ‘Very Large Databases’ (VLDs), object partitioning, schema bound objects and more
  • Multi-Level Marketing – From multi-tenant, multi-instance to fully segregated environments with robust custom security
  • Financial, Real Estate, Document Processing, Perishable Goods, Retail Sales, Utilities, etc.
  • Large scale manufacturing with multiple remote locations

SQL Server Skills

We have been designing, building and supporting SQL Server environments since 2002 and have worked with some amazing companies, dealing with real-world problems and constantly fine tuning our processes.

We routinely support the entire SQL Server stack (Data Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services & Analysis Services), including Azure SQL DB. And we specialize in migrating SQL Server to Azure with proven techniques that use native technologies to minimize downtime.

Azure Migrations

Azure SQL DB is an ever changing and improving technology that requires administrators to remain vigilant and educated. It is important to know the differences between your on-premise environments and Azure SQL DB so that your migration goes smoothly and there are no surprises.

For instance, did you know:

  • All users of a database must be setup as contained database users unless you fully integrate Azure AD?  And you can only have a single native and one AD user or group be a sysadmin at the server connection level?
  • The only way to run cross database queries is by creating External Objects in the database, which are complex to setup and require changes to your code
  • All times are in UTC and must be converted if you need to use them in calculations, there’s no getting around it
  • Backups are completely automatic, but you can setup long term retention, just be careful that you know the cost involved in storage

We are experts in everything related to Azure SQL and have migrated hundreds of databases successfully.  Book a consultation today to learn more.